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  1. I am interested in volunteering for trail work, supporting maintenance activities and/or processing firewood at Stephen F. Austin State Park. I am and experienced TPWD volunteer currently supporting another State Park in the Houston area. After a recent move in the Houston area, Stephen F. Austin State Park is now closer to my home. I can perform various maintenance tasks, including operating various Park machinery, use of trail trimming tools, and driving tractors. Iā€™m certified by TPWD for chainsaw/sawyer operations and up to date with TPWD safety and Park volunteer training. I have also led hikes and performed various interpretive volunteer efforts for TPWD in the past. Please let me know who to contact and how to get started volunteering at Stephen F. Austin State Park. Thank you.

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for reaching out. Your training and experience look like it would be a good fit for Stephen F. Austin State Park. There is a small group of guys that come out during the week and for special events to help with maintenance and interpretation. They could use a lot more help.

      From this point you would contact Randy Fields, Asst. Park Manager. He also serves as the park’s volunteer coordinator. Phone: (979)885-3613, Email:

      I will be leading First Day Hikes on Jan 1 at 9 & 11AM. You are welcome to join us if you like.

      Happy Trails!

      Tom Shaughnessy
      Vice President – Friends of Stephen F. Austin State Park

  2. I am a student in the area looking for volunteering opportunities like trash pick up, etc. I really want hands-on experience working/volunteering at a state park, and I have a passion for wildlife. For reference, I’m a founder of the environmental club at my school (Bellville Highschool), but I’m looking to help in a bigger way than just around the school. I am only 16 years old, but I would be really excited if I could volunteer here. Let me know if that could be arranged, or if there are any open opportunities for me. šŸ™‚

    • Hi Amelia,
      Thank you for contacting us about volunteering at the state park. If you could respond with your email address I will pass on your inquiry to park staff. That way somebody could get back to you.

      Thanks again,

      Tom Shaughnessy
      Board Member
      The Friends of Stephen F Austin State Park

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